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    CapBot's Member Application

    New acc. :)
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    CapBot's Member Application

    Playtime in Arctic: 2 days Are you in our Discord, if so, please post your user and #. !-_-!#1206 Steam URL: Which servers do you commonly play in? 5v5, 1v1 How well are you known in the community? Pretty well Do you have...
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    Vote for your Favorite COD

    MW2020 no doubt
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    Hey gamers

    Hello Gamer. Sorry Not a Silver
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    Deagle Only Server.

    Also no knife kill Cause Deagle only server
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    Deagle Only Server.

    Deagle Only Server? @inzane
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    Kick him

    replace both of them
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    Hear me out but better

    :unsure: :unsure:
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    Hey Guys!

    Ka2Lu sadly you used the command you were not allowed to use, Given by Brother Will. Can't help ask roooster, or appeal.
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    Wassup fools

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    A new player model for AWP BHOP (for 1k)?

    Also another knife.
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    A new player model for AWP BHOP (for 1k)?
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    The servers arent safe anymore..

    Welcome :) (I am better than luci)