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    how's it chillin villians

    hello dog
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    Support role is the best change my mind.

    trip too goated
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    Yo its heady

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    buy vip???

    buy vip???
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    Hi :)

    Welcome to Arctic and good luck on getting rank 200. Also what server do you mainly play on?
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    Hey I’m Krish

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    trip ngl you always 1 tap me and i dont appreciate it
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    Re: current vip giveaway

    player models are pretty cool
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    what the fuck is up

    Yo this made a lot of sense and I think I agree with you now, inzane is terrible he should 1v1 you.
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    what the fuck is up

    I really don't think inzane cares whether or not you are better than him, which I doubt you are.
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    Playing against you in Awp Bhop is a pain.
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    My CS vids dont do too well so posting on the forums cant hurt..

    my account has high trust factor rn
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    new theme gay

    new theme gay