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    I am the best counter strike player

    it's a joke bro, gone wrong, gone sexual.
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    LiteralDogWater's Credit Form!

    credits added
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    ARCTIC GAMING FORUM RULES: Use common sense, do not try to bend rules and think you can get your way out of them. Staff may decide what is and is not allowed based on the severity of the situation, Thank you. 1. Do not shitpost/derail a threads main topic (This goes for purposely getting off...
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    The servers arent safe anymore..

    Welcome to Arctic, hopefully you have a more pleasant experience here.
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    @Exyio Asshole

    @Exyio Asshole
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    Spray Transfer

    you actin like open league is some major shit lol
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    READ ME Requirements for 300 Free Credits

    Requirements in order to earn credits: These will be carefully reviewed! faking information will result in a restriction of credits. 1. You must be apart of our Discord server, join >here (Click) (150 Credits) 2. You must be registered on the forums. (50 Credits) 3. Post your first thread on...
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    Ok lol.
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    Eh ya know. claiming you were once a manager is taking it pretty far considering it was more of a tag vs actually managing. When you claim you were such rank, you gotta be able to back it up. Welcome back again :)
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    Lmfao, you were manager before we even had more than one server and got demoted quickly.
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    This man was never a manager.
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    Bring Back the Old AWP BHOP Maps

    I'm gonna get with Inzane and see what we can do about adding bungalow back to the servers, clearly a lot of you guys miss it a lot and we definitely hear yall. 24/7 Bungalow server? Who knows.
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    READ ME Requirements/TOS for Applying

    Requirements and Terms of Service for Applying: If your Application is denied, you must wait 7 days before re-applying. You may not re-apply if demoted! (Unless given permission to by a Manager+) Do not start arguments on your application, you're expected to respect others opinions. You...
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    IMPORTANT Rating/Voting Application's Requirement

    These are the requirements in order for your Rate (+1/-1) or Vote to count on an application. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be warned along with your vote/rating removed. If you do not follow the requirements prior to being warned, you will be restricted from the staff...