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Nov 30, 2019

Use common sense, do not try to bend rules and think you can get your way out of them. Staff may decide what is and is not allowed based on the severity of the situation, Thank you.

1. Do not shitpost/derail a threads main topic (This goes for purposely getting off topic and switching the subject that does not relate to the Thread)

2. Do not bump old threads (Threads that have obviously loss interest, bumping is when you make a reply on a thread and bump it to the top of the forum page).

3. Keep all threads in their correct category.

4. Any offensive, racist, 18+ content posted anywhere will result in an immediate suspension of the account.

5. Racism is not tolerated!

6. Be respectful to community members.

7. Please keep all threads in English.

8. Spamming of any kind will not be tolerated.

9. Respect all staff members of Arctic, they have the final say.

10. Posting any kind of links around the forum that are not safe may result in a suspension. (Links that are downloads, unsafe or potentially viruses)

11. If a staff member requests you to stop, for example, appealing repeatedly in a short amount of time after a decision was made, posts that may be negative or off topic of a thread, etc. You are expected to follow that staff members request, refusing may result in a punishment.

12. Our forums follow our servers, with this being said, any negative intentions you have may reflect back to you within the community. (This means you could be potentially banned from all servers if you make a thread that is meant to target the community)

13. Staff have the right to remove/modify or request you to change something within your thread or profile.

Failing to follow these rules may result in the following:
  • Warning
  • Suspension of the forum account.
  • Restriction from particular areas.

Warning punishments go as far as:
  • 3 Warns = 1 Day suspension
  • 6 Warns = 1 Week suspension
  • 10 Warns = 1 Month Suspension
  • 15 Warns = Permanent suspension of the forum account.
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