General Server Rules!

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Nov 30, 2019

General Rules:
  • Excessive Harassment/Toxicity is forbidden.
  • Scripts/Injecting/Cheats are not allowed! (You should know that already).
  • Do not use an excessive amount of racism. (Making a joke is different from targeting and harassing someone on a personal level)
  • Do not throw/delay rounds! Play the objective.
  • Do not promote other communities in Arctic, this goes for promoting Arctic in other communities as well.
  • Threats made on players, servers or anything related to Arctic is not tolerated. (Personal, DDoS, Dox, etc)
  • Impersonating an Arctic staff member is not allowed.
  • Do not argue with a staffs decision, if you feel a staff was abusing their powers, report them. (Evidence required)
  • Spamming/Mic Spamming/Chat Spamming of any kind is not tolerated!
  • Ghosting is not allowed! (If you switch teams, you cannot give any information from the other side)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. Q: How do i call an admin if there's someone breaking the rules?
1. A: Use /calladmin in the game chat and complete the prompt you're given. (This will notify all staff)

2. Q: I was banned unfairly/falsely, what should i do?
2. A: Fill out a Ban Appeal and the evidence filed on you will be reviewed. Bans are never a forever thing unless they are not appealed and evidence is sufficient making the ban stick.

3. Q: How do i know if staff are moderating the server after calling for an admin?
3. A: Well, to ensure we do our job best, we do not make our presence know to players. If we do, cheaters are found to toggle/disable their cheats. Please keep this in mind when reporting players, we may be their, but we will never make ourselves known.

4. Q: Why is a player still in the server after multiple players have reported them, they are cheating, shouldn't they be banned?
4. A: Staff are required to record evidence before issuing a suspension on a users account. This evidence takes time to collect and most importantly, ensure the user is indeed cheating. Give us time, we want to make sure the skilled players are found and cheaters are found!

5. Q: How do i apply for staff?
5. A: You must file a application by clicking the Apply tab located at the top! Fill out the form and await your response. Thank you for applying for Arctic's Staff Team!
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