GMOD Rules!


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Nov 30, 2019
Global Rules:

1. Respect all players
2. Use Common Sense.
3. Do not harass players.
4. Threatening the server is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban!
5. Do not impersonate players and or staff members.
6. Leaving or doing any action to avoid a punishment may result in a harsher punishment.
7. Properties do not require KOS Signs, when determining your property line, this is the area around your structure.
8. Backseat moderating is not allowed (Trying to tell the staff members what they should be doing and what is right).
9. You may only demote players for RP reasons (AFK of their job, not doing what they are suppose to do).
10. Any and all type of spam is not allowed! (This goes for Spam Meat!)
11. Depending on how severe the situation is, scamming is not allowed!
12. Arctic Roleplay is not responsible for outside/real life trades! (Trading REAL currency for an in-game item)
13. You may not use an unfair advantages to raid/enter a base. (Prop climbing, ALT+E, etc. You know better)
14. Any instance of propblock is NOT allowed! This may result in a permanent ban depending on severity of the situation! (Spawn propblock, etc)
15. Prop climbing, surfing or usage of props in an unfair manor is not allowed!
16. Using unfair advantages to get out of roleplay is not allowed! (Suicide, Disconnecting, etc)
17. Do not break NLR. (New Life Rule, returning the occurring RP situation after dying)
18. You may build in public, but any large structures blocking houses, the streets or access to any area is not allowed. Do not make a mess of the map. Do not make little entrances, everything must be clear and open still.

Advert Rules:

In order to advert, use "/advert"

1. Universal Binds are not allowed. For ex > "mug/kidnap/raid" Each advert has to be individual.
2. You may counter crimes by adverting "Counter". You must do this before countering!
3. In order to raid, you must advert "Raid" before attacking your target. You may raid individual bases every two minutes. You must wait ten minutes to raid the same base.
4. Raids may only last a total of ten minutes. After ten minutes you must exit and advert "OVER".
5. You cannot advert Raid inside a property. You MUST be outside!
6. In order to Kidnap, you must advert "Kidnap". You may kidnap individual victims every two minutes. You must wait ten minutes to kidnap the same victim.
7. You may only keep hostages held for ten minutes!
8. Once kidnapped/held hostage, you cannot pull out any tools/weapons.
9. Kidnap Ransom may not exceed $35,000.
10. In order to Mug, you must advert "Mug" before attacking a victim. You may mug individual victims every five minutes. You must wait ten minutes to mug the same victim.
11. You must be right next to the victim before advertising "Mug"!
12. You MUST include what you want from the victim within your advert. For example > "Mug! drop $10,000 or die!"
13. You MUST give the victim ten seconds of decision making before harming them.
14. You may only mug for a maximum of $10,000.
15. A victim of a mugging must obey or face consequences from the mugger. You may not pull out a weapon! (This is FearRP)
16. Prop climbing, surfing or usage of props in an unfair manor is not allowed!
17. Using unfair advantages to get out of roleplay is not allowed! (Suicide, Disconnecting, etc)

General Basing Rules:

1. You are allowed to own one base.
2. You may not have more than three fading doors.
3. You may not stack fading doors next to eachother, they must be spread out enough to be picked individually with enough time.
4. Other "fading props" (NOT Doors) are excluded from the maximum requirement of three fading doors. You may have fading windows.
5. One-Way-Props are not allowed! Having two props with a see-through material is allowed.
6. No-Collided one ways are not allowed (Having a no collided prop that you walk into when being attacked)
7. Your front door (Entrance to your base) must be easy to define.
8. Maze Bases are not allowed. (Bases that have zig-zag entrances, bases that require jumping over objects, your base entrance needs to be clear and easy to enter)
9. You may not have peep holes (A setup where you shoot through a crack at the raider)
10. You base must be keypad cracked and lockpicked.
11. You must have a keypad for every fading door.
12. You may not use your Fading Door Keybinds when in a RP Situation. (FDA)
13. Your keypads must be clear, visible and easily accessible. You may NOT have fake keypads.
14. Keypads are required to have a hold of five seconds.
15. You MUST be "Hotel Owner" to own the Hotel.
16. You MUST be "Strip Club Owner" to own the Strip Club.
17. You MUST be "Bank Teller" to own the Bank.
18. Whoever owns the front door of the building, owns the property.
19. You may not take up the entire sidewalk when building your base.

Police Department Rules:

1. Only Police are allowed to base in the PD.
2. You may not base in the PD if you're not any sort of Police job.
3. Police may build in the PD IF a President is not present. If a President is present and requests you to remove your base, you must follow order.
4. The PD Lobby MUST be clear at all times, this is a public lobby and anyone is allowed in.
5. CP Raiding, you must advert "CP Raid" before performing a raid on a base. Raids may only last ten minutes, you may only raid every 15 minutes.
6. You may not "CP Raid" whenever you want, you may only raid bases that are doing illegal activities. (Printing money, etc).
7. You may not KOS people who have anything illegal, you may only KOS when attacked. Your first instinct must be to arrest!
8. Warrants are required before performing a "CP Raid", and weapon checking players.
9. Weapons are LEGAL until a president states otherwise. (This means if there's no president, weapons are legal by default)
10. You may not run any sort of checkpoint/toll booth.
11. Past 2nd door in PD is AOS. (NOT KOS)

Textscreen Rules:

1. Textscreens must be clear, visible and readable.
2. Do not run around harassing players with textscreens.
3. You MUST have a "Building Sign" when building a base, this protects you from RP situations.
4. You may only have a "Building Sign" up for a period of ten minutes.
5. You may not have raidables with a Building sign up.
6. Do not abuse the "Building Sign" system.
7. KOS Signs are not required in order to kill citizens walking onto your property.
8. If your property has an Alleyway, you must have a KOS line to state your property line. This sign and line must be clear and visible.

Party Rules:

To create a party, please use in the chat : !party

1. If a party member is attacked, any party member may attack that player.
2. You may raid together, you must advert "Party Raid" before proceeding with your raid.
3. Anyone apart of the party raid must wait the raid cool-down.
4. You may not combine bases together. (Megabase)
5. Do not harass players.
6. You do not have to advert counter if your party member is being mugged, raided, etc.

Job Specific Rules:

Gun/Black/Explosives Dealer:

1. You MUST be operating a shop at all times. You may not just setup a base and bitmine/print money.
2. If you do not actively sell weapons, you will be demoted from any Gun Dealer related job.
3. You may not self-supply! You may only supply yourself ONE weapon to defend your shop.


1. You may only base in the PD.
2. No KOS laws.
3. No minge/troll/random laws that do not make any sense. (Laws like Jaywalking are not allowed! we have no cars, this makes no sense)
4. You may not make printers legal.
5. You may not make "Past 2nd door in PD KOS" This is only AOS.


1. You may not own any property.
2. You may not build in front of players bases with intentions to minge/troll/harass.
3. You may not build large structures.
4. You may mic spam to an extent, do not follow/harass players with this ability.

Bum King:
Bum Rules apply to Bum King

1. You may not own any property.
2. You may only own a Machete.
3. You may advert "terror", but only can use your machete in the attack.
4. Terrors may only last fifteen seconds. You may only "terror" every ten minutes.

Italian Mafia:

1. You may only base with other Italian Mafia members. if none are present, you're free to base with others.
2. You may only party with other Italian Mafia members.