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Nov 30, 2019

Requirements and Terms of Service for Applying:

If your Application is denied, you must wait 7 days before re-applying.

You may not re-apply if demoted! (Unless given permission to by a Manager+)

Do not start arguments on your application, you're expected to respect others opinions.

You understand that you will lose time to play the server's in order to Moderate.

You understand you represent Arctic and are expected to put yourself at a higher level of maturity than others.

When accepted, you will be fully trained and monitored by a higher ranking staff member.

You may not advertise/promote your application under any circumstances, this will result in an instant deny.

As a Trial-Mod, you have 7 days to show us your experience, you may be demoted if we feel you are not capable of the job.

You have experience in catching cheaters and know what to look out for.

Administration tools are to be used strictly for moderating, not for playing around.

You're familiar with Arctic's rules.

You must be 14+ Years of Age.

You must have 10+ Hours of playtime on Arctic's servers.

Must be active in the discord.
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