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Nov 30, 2019
Texas, USA

Before applying make sure you meet the Requirements/TOS listed below.

Staff Application TOS

You can apply for staff using the link below.

Staff Application

User name:

First Name:

Steam ID:
(To find this you can go to

Discord Name/#: ex Stomp#1043

What is your age? (14 is the minimum age requirement to apply for the Arctic Staff Team.)

What is your local time zone?

How often are you on the servers?

Do you have a working microphone?

What is your current playtime on our servers?
(10 hours is the minimum requirement to apply for staff.)

Which server type are you most active on?

Have you been banned/muted from any Arctic servers before? If yes, please explain.

(We will be checking this to make sure you don’t have any major offenses on record if you do just be upfront about it and even tell us what the mute/ban was for if you remember.)

Are you able to record in CS:GO?

Why do you want to be a staff member?

In this portion of the application tell us why you want to be a larger part of the Arctic community and why you would like to help with moderating the community.

(Ex... NOT to be copied, but used for inspiration.)

I feel like I could greatly add to the Arctic community in terms of being a friendly face in the community and keeping the community clean, just to make it a better place for everyone. I'm really active in the hours that a lot of people may not be so active so I can make sure the night time players are well kept. I also have tons of previous admin experience. I feel like I could be a great addition for weeding out the cheaters especially in these quarantine times where player numbers are really high.

What do you think you could bring to the staff team?

In this portion of the application we want you to tell us about yourself and why you think your values line up with those of the Arctic Staff Team, tell us about yourself as a person, and how you plan to contribute to the staff team.

(Ex... NOT to be copied, but used for inspiration.)

I'm on really often and I just like to moderate things, I've been doing it for a long time. I'm not very toxic and I like to make sure everything runs smoothly and is fun for everyone. I'm also a huge advocate for positive connections with other servers and player bases which is actually how I got the idea to apply for Arctic Staff, through communication with the owners and being in a few calls with them over time. I hope to bring this same idea with me to the Arctic Staff Team.

I also think that I will be a pretty big addition to moderation for the TTT servers as that is where I got started in CSGO moderation.

Do you have any prior staff member experience? If so, please explain.

(Prior staff experience is NOT required but could greatly aid your application in terms of understanding the system, if you have none and do get accepted don’t be alarmed as all staff members are required to go through training, led by a Senior Mod+. If you do have previous staff experience, make sure you name the community you staffed for.)

(Ex... NOT to be copied, but used for inspiration.)

I started off being a moderator on Minecraft Hypixel servers when I was really young because I lied about my age so I could play fair hunger games matches, and quickly I started to work my way up into the ranks of the admins and even moderate the Teamspeak server before they moved into Discord. On CSGO I was never really a fan of matchmaking or casual so I would play on community servers, where I was a moderator for both X-law and Tango servers until I took a break from CSGO and was demoted in my time away. When I came back I started playing on Stratix servers and became a head admin till they closed in 2019. Since then I was Staff Manager for Black's CSGO until I was removed from my position because of some issues within his community. I've always been a leader and trainer of admins in different communities and I look forward to working up in the ranks and doing the same for this community.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas we could implement in the servers/community?

(NOT required, but we always appreciate feedback.)

Any closing comments?
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